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Small commercial customization

Small business projects are suitable for small and medium businesses , shopping centers , squares , atrium , shopping , shopping , shopping , shopping , crazy kids .

      1.  This is a small town business, in the building plan in the red line   frame area, there is a relatively large site, the roof can be protected from the rain and shade the shed, has been idle. There are about 50, 000 people in the business, including about 7000 children aged 5 to 12, but there is no nearby paradise for parents and children to play in. After studying these aspects of the market, the customer decided to do about 200 square per month of parent-child amusement park project here. (figure 3: customer-supplied commercial building drawings)
commercial building drawings
2 .The HAPPYLAN engineer draws out the size plan according to the guest's wishes and requirements.

3. Customer wishes:

(1): the paradise is named: the pirate parent-child Park

(2): the park area is 220 square meters
small commercial customization

(3)The color of paradise should be bright, and the main tone should be yellow .
small commercial customization
(4)Toy configuration: slide, seesaw, single double, gyroscope, etc.

4    Drawings of Paradise layout made by engineers

5    Renderings waiting for customer's confirmation.

(1) :100000 ocean balls, up to 300mm in height, even though we still have 10mm cushions at the bottom of them, absolutely guaranteeing the safety of children falling off seesaws and gyroscopes.

(2) :1.5-meter-high fences and staff to ensure that the children don't go out of the play zone and prevent naughty babies from throwing the ocean ball out of the fence.

(3): The entrance and exit are located in front of the staff to facilitate the management of the staff.

(4) : 6 m high slide, the children experience the rapid descent of the super thrill, screaming, the slide is also very interesting configuration: the two sides of the lifelike rudder, the telescope above the railing, At the top of the stone arch, built from rocks, were huge treasure boxes, and the one-eyed pirate sitting on the plank in a small red cap with a skeleton, looking so cute that he formed a pirate ship sailing deep into the sea.

6. Actual scenario of final customer operation.
small commercial customization