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Household customization

With the improvement of living standards, many families now have the ability to buy larger toys for their children, weighing about 50 kilograms and measuring about 10-25 square meters. Mainly placed in their own garden lawn or yard for children to play at any time. Our company can be customized according to the needs of customers (cost, toy function, size and size, holiday theme, color configuration, contact phone).

1 Customer provides a JPG image (figure 1)
Household customization
2 Same as picture:

(1).Princess Cinderella&moana theme;
(2).Main color are pink&light blue;    
(3). Contain 1pc blower;
(4). Repair kits.  A request is made for: 1 name as picture: 1 color. Princess Cinderella&moana the subject; 2. Main color are pink&light blue. Contain 1pc blower. Repair kits.
Household customization
3 According to customer requirements, factory physical drawings (figure 2) simultaneously send inspection video to the customer for confirmation.