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HL-SC002 100x80m impervious ponds for lotus root cultivation

China HAPPYLAND factory sells impervious pond for lotus root cultivation and lotus flower sightseeing cultivation.

Product Details

Chinese HAPPYLAND factory sells impervious ponds for lotus root cultivation.

The impermeable pond, made of high strength PVC film, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. It is not only suitable for shallow water cultivation of lotus root and some aquatic products, but also suitable for lotus sightseeing cultivation in scenic spots.

Planting shallow water lotus root has many advantages over deep water lotus root.

@The planting of shallow lotus root is not restricted by terrain, and it saves land.

@ low investment cost, many years of use, one investment, many years of benefits.

@Planting shallow lotus roots saves water and electricity.The wall and bottom of the pool are impermeable.

@The use of fertilizer is efficient in the cultivation of shallow lotus root.Lotus root is a fattening crop, planted in deep water, fertilizer is easy to lose;When planted in shallow pools, the fertilizer is concentrated in the pool and can be used again.

@Easy to manage shallow lotus root.Easy to pick lotus root.

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